Creative voids and cocktails

After years of putting it off, in 2016 I picked up a used DSLR and set out to learn the fundamentals of photography. At the time I had also become quite enamored with the resurgence of classic cocktail culture, trying my hand at recreating great cocktails imbibed in restaurants, at home. I needed a digital forum to document these experiments and @BarrelAgedDad was born.

Knowing relatively little about the inner workings of Instagram back then I was pleasantly surprised to find that all my professional experience in marketing and creative naturally fell into place here, from branding to marketing in general. Barrel Aged Dad became a creative outlet where I could test new ideas (like cinemagraphs), experiment with photography, provide value through approachable education and build relationships with an authentic community of like minded individuals.

Fast forward less than 6 months and the work was being reposted by top shelf brands and social media giants while maintaining stellar performance indicators. Here is just a glimpse of that journey which continues on today, one cocktail at a time. Cheers!


Work featured by


A logo I created paying homage to the whisky label designs of the Prohibition era. More


Accolades & Recognition


Innovation & Experimentation


Great photography alone isn't enough to differentiate your brand anymore. Barrel Aged Dad is a real time testing ground for new digital trends and mediums. For instance, I was one of the first to utilize cinemagraphs to not only showcase craft cocktails, but the cocktail culture itself and every element that goes into it (like this mint garnish garden cinemagraph).


Key Performance Indicators


Organic Growth

3,000 organic followers in under 6 months after launch, never using paid-for-likes or followers

Social Influencer

From spreading the word about new craft spirits to aiding in the launch of an infusion vessel on Kickstarter

Engagement Rate

One of my keys to success – engage with everyone and the community at large 


Let's work together

Under the Jaybird Creative umbrella I work with makers and brands on:


Content & Recipe Creation



Brand Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Idea Generation